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Bill Crawford writes: when 'Being Rushed' is the problem . . . rushing is never the solution." Just because officials think they have done enough planning does not mean they have a workable plan.

And so, here we are again with a more pressing high school building crisis. With a few thousand people at the LCCC graduation at the same time as the meeting on the schools (great timing) on May28, I am sure there would have been at least one more person in attendance than the 100 who thankfully cared enough to make the meeting. I was at the graduation and I would not have missed it for the world. 

Becoming a School Board Member in Litchfield Park, Arizona

We all have thought over the years that our school board has done its best to serve us. Yet, we find just about any building in the school district that you look at is in disrepair. I asked the WB Area Superintendent's Office yesterday if there were a big Mahoff in a position such as Executive District Engineer, who understands buildings and who would understand what is needed so that the School Superintendent would not have to be an architect or an engineer. I received no answer. However, the next day my question was gracefully answered. There is no architect or engineer.