Go to the red asterisks for the save our schools section.  I am the same Brian Kelly who was shellacked in his attempt to become Mayor of Wilkes-Barre. Hoping that I could attract voters to my Web site, I put a lot of my thoughts into words. I have placed a set of asterisks way below so you can skip all of this stuff that was intended for those evaluating my candidacy.

Contact information will be updated in future releases.

Contact:          Brian Kelly  
Date:               June 16, 2015
         ****** PRESS RELEASE ******
Note to Press: You may use all or part of this press release in a report or column. It was written by Brian Kelly.  The reason Brian writes so many press releases is because he believes the media in NEPA does not represent the people effectively.  He hopes and objective source will pick up on what is really happening in Wilkes-Barre. The media companies in NEPA are short of staff and they go with the flow because they have nobody to respond if they actually take a stance and the people want to gain a better explanation.  So, to keep the profits rolling, the savants in local media cannot actually do their jobs because they are not given the time by their management to help the people. 

Probably the worst thoughts of the people in a community are expressed when unpaid School Boards decide to build something about which the people, who feel they have a stake in the decision are against. Some citizens who cannot figure out why the school board would be against the people, go so far as to suggest that the only way an unpaid board gets paid is to build something.