At 2PM on one of the most dismal days of this new summer, Saturday, June 17, 2015, thanks to organizer Lisa Barth, hundreds of Meyers High School supporters joined together to send a loud and clear message to the Wilkes-Barre Area School Board. "End your foolishness before it goes any further."

Thousands and thousands of Wilkes-Barre City residents and others from the WB Area affected by the change oppose the boards foolhardy plan requiring $100 million in new taxes from an overtaxed, beleaguered and struggling population. Considering there was no time invested in gaining an exact estimate, taxpayers can expect to pay double for this Board boondoggle. The good news is that there is an election coming in November and this whole process can be reversed simply by voting out the Board Members who have chosen not to listen tot he voice of the people.    

I have two nominations for write-in candidates for the Wilkes-Barre Area School Board. The first is Lisa Barth, and the second is MARK F. SHIOWITZ, M.D. Please check out Dr. Shiowitz's editorial to the Citizens Voice by clicking right here. With a determined populace, this oppressive decision on Wilkes-Barre taxpayers will not stand.

Big thank yous to the Citizens Voice for being the voice of the Citizens in this important matter. It would be nice if the Times Leader joined the management of the Citizens Voice in helping Citizens in our community battle against School Board tyranny. We can replace four members of the Board in November and undo this tragedy. We sure could use the help of the two major newspaper media outlets, and the Radio and TV media outlets, WILK, and WBRE . Let's see how community oriented the media really is in our home town.