I saw a good article today about nepotism in the WBASD. I was surprised that the Times Leader would risk its neutral stance on everything to offer a bone to citizens of Wilkes-Barre. Yet, they did. If you find my comment then they are not in the editing out business for those who they deem not worthy. Check out the article and the comments at: http://www.timesleader.com/news/editorial/154085479/OUR-VIEW-Nepotism-sinks-trust-in-schools


This is my comment. Can you find it on the TL site?

This is disgusting as is all of Wilkes-Barre politics. At the big meeting, Dr. Bernard Prevuznak, a good person but in a situation that is well over his head and the head of all board members meekly offered his assessment: "Both James M. Coughlin and E. L. Meyers High Schools were showing signs of years of deterioration and neglect." 

That's it -- so spend $100 million and solve the problem. Easy! Then what? Where is the Operations Manager for the District or the Operations Engineer who would have been on this like a hawk. Where are the building engineers? Why so many maintenance people when nobody is doing any maintenance? Check out the new site www.savewbschools.com. It is just being formed but it is there and will grow and it will help us overthrow the gestapo in charge of the school district. Dr. Prevuznak is not an engineer, nor are any board members. So, who represented the school district when they hired contractor engineers? How could the School District agree to adopt the recommendation of outsiders when none of them really know anything (crap) about engineering? Whats a hundred million among friends when the taxpayers will have no choice but to take on the heavy lifting? Would anybody (engineering firm) that is hired for a small job ever recommend a solution that would give them a favored position for lucrative contract for a big job? If there is no corruption going on as in the many Dunn Deals of not too many years ago, then why is the web site so sparse? Who is on the building maintenance staff? Does the Building and Grounds Supervisor serve as the only in-house counsel for Board decisions? Can you trust greedy engineering firms to represent the District when even on this small matter of nepotism, the District fails? What about a $100 million? Should we trust these people? Where is the line item budget? What is the budget for each department? Why is everything a secret?